Valentino Closing Party

At Vinohradská 40, where for so many years existed the successful club Gejzeer, followed by club Valentino, the doors on this well known venue finally closed. Valentino has not always matched the standards to which we are accustomed to in Western Europe, especially the toilets, promotion, sound, & people. This was probably the main problems which finally closed the club. In the spring, the new owners took over the club and everything started to improve, especially new people. Now comes the main, reconstruction and new name for the venue.

On Saturday was the final “Closing Party” was great!  All the good DJ’s who ever played in Valentino came to play, and here we found a lot of people from the past on this night. It was crowded like the good old times and ended early in the morning.

As soon as 10 days a new club named ‘ON’ will open, then in September all 3 floors will open.

Website will be there!

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