A photo-report from On-Club opening party

On Thursday 6th October 2011 the official opening party of On-Club took place. Foreign investors took over the predecessor club, Valentino, earlier this year in a dismal state.  From then began the gradual renovation and name change took place. In September, the main dance floor with new sound system and lights opened, along with a new VIP zone. Many of the club facilities were replaced, including the toilets which are moved and enlarged.

Now the On-Club finds customers coming back. Many of them stopped coming to the club for reasons not entirely clear. Some of the previous visitors were used to drinks a different price level. With the new pricing policy, there is the opportunity for those who have 45 CZK for a quarter of a liter of extra chilled Heineken on tap in the bottom floor, or 72 CZK for a small glass of housewine (Pinot Grigio). However, on the the upper floors Krusovice is available for 33 CZK 0.4L, and brand vodka for 50 CZK, whiskey and Bourbon for 60 CZK, so you can choose a student:)

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