Valentino will be “On club”

From early August, Prague’s biggest gay club will be known under a new name and with a brand new concept. The legendary venue in Vinohrady will from that moment onwards be known as ON Club. Starting with the Opening Weekend of the Café and Disco floors in early August, ON provides Prague nightlife with a new vision in quality entertainment.

“The name we found is versatile in many ways”, says Daniel Goris of the new management team. “ON is not only useable and meaningful in two languages but has a very positive, energetic drive to it. We feel it represents the concept of the club perfectly.”

A first look at the new club will be possible upon opening of the upper two floors in early August: the Café and the Disco. A newly created area will be revealed at the same time.

After renovation, the Café relives as a modern, lavish place to sit and relax, open 7 days a week, 19 hours a day from 10am. Besides comfortable seating, service with a smile and a soothing loungy music mix, the Café will have food on offer around the clock as well. “We’re introducing a small, affordable but top quality menu, and will serve people daily from 10am until close”, explains Goris. “This adds an experience that currently is not on offer in Vinohrady and we feel there is definitely a need for it.”

On Fridays and Saturdays a DJ will spice up the night by playing live lounge, deephouse and progressive music  provided by the sound collective Wave of Sense, mostly known from its  front man DJ Pat Heart.

The Disco is currently being transformed into a vibrant, colourful dance area, ready for a varying daily  program of happy pop and disco music. “With sound proofing, a brand new sound system, a complete new bar and brand new girls and boys bathrooms, the Disco provides a top quality entertainment experience to our guests”, adds Goris.

[zoomed in detail of visualization]

With the complete makeover of the whole club also comes the creation of 3 new areas.

The first to be revealed to the audience is the Chillout, a relaxing space adjacent to the Disco, packed in red velvet and furnished with an antique look and feel. The Chillout is the perfect place to meet friends, have a beer, catch up and make plans for the rest of the night.

The brand new website of ON can be found at While the complete website will be launched during the opening event, it already is possible to check the upcoming program and register as a member. Amongst new members, a number of VIP Tickets for various opening events will be raffled.

“More details on opening events will be revealed shortly”, adds Goris. “In the meantime, we always remain open: our Club floor currently serves guests 7 days a week and will continue  to do so until the closing party Goodbye Valentino on July 30th.”