Here are the tours we can propose to you. For each tour we have the most adapted guide and we particularly pay attention to your own whishes, as our tours are already established but adaptable regarding what you want. Prague during the day, Gay Nightlife or Sex Tour in the mysterious, magic and legendary Capital of Czech Republic.

Night tour: Let’s play Gay Prague

Lengh: between and hours

Price: 75 euros +20 per additional person

This tour is ideal for first venues in Prague or for people who didn’t visit for a long. We are trying to make this tour really personal and to fulfill your own wishes as long as it is possible. Discover Prague’s gay nightlife as you want to!

Our private guide will pick you up at your hotel or apartment and bring you for a tour in the Gay Scene of Prague.

You will get a Welcome Drink in the first bar and then our guide will detail you all the gay bars and clubs in Prague using our map: to let you know everything about the Gay Scene on the city. Your guide will have enough experience to answer any question you might have concerning Gay places, even not only bars.

Then, according to what you want to see and discover, our guide will bring you in 3 other bars to make you visit and enjoy: Czech local gay bars, English crowded bars, underground pubs…

Finally, the tour will end up in the best Gay Disco of the day!



Sex tours: Bad Gentles Tour

Lengh: between 4 and 5 hours

Price: 85 euros + 25 per additional poeple

Prague is famous in Europe for Sex. The European Capital of Pornography attracts every year a lot of foreigners for Sex Tourism. There are a lot of Gay Sex Clubs in Prague and if you want to visit them to see how it works, or more, then this tour is for you!

Our private guide will pick you up in your apartment/hotel and bring you first to a Gay Bar. You will get a Welcome Drinks and our guide will explain you what you want to know about the Sex Clubs or about the Prague’s Gay Scene thanks to our map

Then your tour will start, going through leather, denim, hotel clubs, boy-for-one-night clubs and everything you can be curious about. The tour will finally end in Escape for your best pleasure and the best sex-show in Prague.





Day tours: Make me see Prague

Lengh : 5 hours

Price: 75euros + 20 per additional poeple

Prague, the city of Hundred Towers.

Our licensed guide will pick you up at your apartment/hotel and make you visit Historic Prague. According to what you want to see, the guide will bring you in touristic places, but also, as touristic places are not everything and you might discover Prague’s true face, in local places tours usually don’t bring you to.

Michal, our guide, is available for you for 5 hours and as he is qualified and speak fluent English you can ask him any question and any request. He is a local from Prague and he was also teaching History and will be happy to transmit his culture.

The best tip we can give you is to not try to count the towers or the statues you will see.