Chemistry closing - Interview with owners



Hi Jakub and Dennis, has learned that there will be some changes regarding your club, what changes will that be in particular?

The bar will be taken over by a new operator, who will remove our interesting and original concept focussed on chemistry.


What made you open a gay club in Prague?
With respect to what we saw in Prague, we wanted to open a nice place that would not look like a typical gay bar. At the same time, we wanted it to be modern, clean, with an interesting concept and that would be open to all regardless of orientation. We were also dissatisfied with the current dance clubs and we wanted a bar/club with modern music and quality drinks.



And how was it in the beginning?
We moved to Prague, a city where we did not know anyone at all. We found a beautiful but empty space. Without any experience, we made our own efforts to rebuild it. After two months of endless and exhausting work, we opened the bar.


What has happened and what did not work?
We think we managed to fill the bar with a pleasant clientele that we liked. Thanks to the original concept and entertaining performance, we managed to get a very nice rating and reviews. Unfortunately, we failed to realize the dance floor with regard to the location of the bar in a historic residential building, even though we were promised everything at the beginning.


What was the attendance?

The weekends were mostly full, sometimes the bar literally cracked at the seams. During the week, visitor numbers were similar to the other bars located nearby. The bar was opened for a relatively short time and we were satisfied with the attendance.


How will Chemistry run in the coming days?
Chemistry will be closed for a few days. The new operator should set up a business under a new name at the beginning of February.

What future plans do you have in your personal and working life? What would you advise people who want to open a gay club in Prague?
We would like to have a rest from the bar business, which has greatly restricted us in our personal life. We were both owners and employees, and it is often quite psychologically demanding, and for gay clients twice as much