New Gay App


The new gay app offers an overview of bars, hotels and venues to relax, plus many more interesting features.

The creators of a successful Prague gay map which, since 2010, has helped gay tourists and locals in search of cafes, restaurants, hotels and entertainment in Prague, have now released a brand new and unique mobile application.

The new Prague Gay Map app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, and offers an on-line version of the successful map and a unique calendar of all major gay events in Prague on a single page of the app, providing all the essential information a visitor to Prague needs.

Users can easily see the closest gay friendly venues in Prague right on their mobile phone.

The app will display how far the user is from their chosen venue with a precision of meters. You can plan your journey on the interactive map” says Jakub Košmider the founder of the new app and original Prague gay maps.

The unique application lists cultural events and bars and can also search for shops, restaurants, accommodation and places to relax. App co-founder Alexandr Míka mentions the benefits; “Another added value of the app is the Work section, where employers offer job vacancies at their companies. The uniqueness of this app is that its users can do all these things together in one place with just a few taps on the mobile phone. Paper brochures are cumbersome and become out of date quickly, so we want to go with the times and offer up-to- date data that we will be editing on a daily basis”

Prague is a major world tourist destination where tourists come and demand a superior service. Our goal is to make it easier for tourists visiting our city“, adds Jakub Košmider. According to the apps developer, Daniel Rataj, it will be available in several languages. “When creating the application we thought not only about the English version for Western visitors, but also the Russian language gay community. That’s why it’s also available in Russian”

The new Prague Gay Map app was preceded by a very successful printed version of the map. Since its launch in 2010, around 125,000 maps have been released in seven editions. The publisher of the application and map is Rainbow Prague. Its main goal is to promote gay tourism in Prague. Every year it supports, among others, the Prague Pride festival.

Photos from the launch of the application

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