The fifth annual Queer Ball in Prague with the subtitle Casino Night on Saturday 2nd March 2024



The Queer Ball is celebrating its 10th birthday, it will be moderated by Milan Peroutka

On March 2, 2024, from 7 p.m., the fifth edition of the Prague Ball is being held for LGBT+ people and their friends. The association STUD, z.s., which organizes the ball, continues the successful tradition of the event, which has been organized for years in Brno, with the aim of reviving Prague’s social and cultural queer ball scene, where every visitor can enjoy his or her partner without shame or prejudice.

“In 2017, we organized the first annual ball in Prague designed specifically for LGBT+ people and their friends. We are very happy that there is interest in the Queer Ball in Prague every year, and attendance at the ball keeps increasing,” says Marek Christ from the organizing team.

The organizers have decided that this year’s Queer Ball will be subtitled “Casino Night”. It means that guests will be able to use their imaginations and be inspired when choosing a prom outfit, among other accessories, with the theme of the casino environment that will play a major role at this prom. When choosing the theme, the organizers let the visitors and fans vote on social networks, and they believe that the visitors will like the topics they have chosen themselves.

“Each of our balls has its own theme, we continue the traditional concept of the Queer Ball, which has been shown in previous years. I believe that you will be clever and creative again and will be able to match your outfit and accessories perfectly, this time in an elegant casino style,” adds Marek Christ.

In the club on Vinohradská street in the center of the metropolis, visitors will be able to dance on the dance floor all evening, during which an accompanying program will be prepared. It will include, among other things, a raffle traditionally popular with visitors, or a dance and artistic performance.

The guests will be accompanied throughout the evening by the musicians of the band Eremy and the actor, singer and presenter Milan Peroutka, whom they may know from the television program Nova Your face has a familiar voice, from the series Ordinace v rozá žardeni, or Perutka from the band he founded in 2015.

The patronage of the ball was taken over by the first deputy mayor of the capital city of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, who will open the event with his ceremonial speech.

“I’m already looking forward to all the visitors of the fifth Prague Queer and I hope that the ball will be even bigger and more fun than the previous ones, which were marked by covid,” adds Marek Christ in conclusion.

Ticket sales take place on the website and at the moment there are only the last few tickets left for the session. If advance tickets do not sell out, they will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

Media contact: Marek Christ, tel. 603 367 762,,